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Birthdate:Jan 19
About Me ♦ Listening ♣ Watching ♥ About My Journal ♠ Credits
My name is Jennifer, but please call me Jenn. I am 32 years old (but I look and sometimes feel younger!). I work as an administrative assistant. I am single (and mostly happy with that!). I have been a member of Toastmasters for almost a year - my comfort zone desperately needed stretching. I am also currently dabbling in a number of new interests - dream interpretation, astrology, comedy writing, and I am even thinking of taking an improv class.
I like all different kinds of music. Some of my favorites include The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Brooks and Dunn, Sugarland, Kelly Clarkson, Toby Keith, Rihanna, Fergie, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw.
Movie-wise, some of my favorites are Juno, Grease, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Little Miss Sunshine, RENT, and Hairspray. TV-wise, I'm into Ugly Betty and The Office.
I write about anything that comes to mind; be it happy, sad, or ranty. I have been on LJ since late 2002 (this is my second journal here). I have met some really great people here, and I'm always up for meeting more really great people. Just leave the drama out of here, and we should get along just fine.
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50 first dates, accepted, adam sandler, alan jackson, animals, are you being served, astrology, baking, bath & body works, beaches, beatles, bisexuality, blackadder, books, brat pack movies, breakfast club, brokeback mountain, brooks & dunn, bryan adams, bubble gum, caffeine, candles, carebears, carrie underwood, cats, chatting online, cheesecake, chocolate, christina aguilera, clinique happy, clothes, cmt, coca cola, coffee, coldplay, comedy, country music, crave cupcakes, crohns disease, dabbling in new things, destiny's child, dierks bentley, diet coke, diet dr pepper, diet pepsi, dirty dancing, diversity, dixie chicks, dream interpretation, drew barrymore, e-mail, elton john, exercise, faeries, faith hill, feminism, fergie, figure skating, fleetwood mac, flip flops, forever 21, fossil, freedom writers, friendship, getting mail, gilmore girls, glee, grease, green day, h&m, handbags, hugs, humorous speech, i love lucy, iced coffee, improv, itunes, jars of clay, jo dee messina, john mayer, journaling, juicy couture, juno, karaoke, keith urban, kelly clarkson, kenny chesney, lady antebellum, latin american literature, laughing, learning, lip gloss, literature, little miss sunshine, livejournal, love, lululemon, m&ms, making friends, mamma mia!, mariah carey, matchbox 20, mixed cds, movies, mr. bean, no doubt, online journals, p!nk, panic, panic disorder, pedicures, pen pals, people watching, photography, pilates, postcards, public speaking, rascal flatts, reading, rent, retail therapy, rihanna, robin williams, rodney atkins, rowan atkinson, sandals, savage garden, sephora, seven pounds, sex and the city, shopping, sixteen candles, skittles, sleeping, slurpees, snickers, sociology, spanish, starbucks, steve carell, sugarland, summer, sunshine, the beatles, the big bang theory, the body shop, the breakfast club, the bucket list, the office, tim mcgraw, tina fey, toastmasters, toby keith, tom hanks, ugly betty, victoria's secret, victoria's secret beauty, will and grace, will smith, working out
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